Author: Paula Licht

How to use the card and not pay interest

Credit cards, when we have chosen the ones that are best for us, are like those friends who make our purchases easier by not having to pay everything as soon as we buy it; however, the account comes at the end of the month and we really wish we never used them. But what if Read More

Selling a car, what about car insurance

You want a different car, or your car has simply become too expensive. That’s why you want to sell your car. What about car insurance? For example, can someone other than yourself drive in your car? Are other directors also insured? Your car is also insured if someone else drives it, including a potential buyer. Read More

Car Insurance Often Unfavorable for Consumers

There are major differences between the Bonus / Malus ladders of car insurance in premium increases after damage caused by debt. The premium increase varies between 0 and 160 percent after a claim. There are also major differences in relapse after damage. Someone with 21 claim-free years does not lose any claim-free years with one Read More

Loans In Banks

Loans For Monotributistas You can carry a property tax in your name. They are compatible with Mastercard, Native or Visa cards. Loans With Post-dated Checks In Barranquilla access to Banco Nación’s personal loans, the monotributistas must have at least 2 years in the exercise of the profession or trade they develop, counted from the date Read More

I Need Money To Pay Off Debts, What Do I Do? Payday Loans

I need money to pay off debt , can I get a loan ? It may be that yes, it may not, this will depend on a number of factors related to your financial life. To find out whether or not a person can get a loan, he or she first needs to know some Read More

Income Tax – Steady Change in the Legal Situation? – Financial Fair

Every year – the annual tax return is due. It is completely irrelevant whether you are subject to a legal obligation to pay or whether the levy is voluntary, the annual changes and innovations affect everyone. Income tax return Once you have submitted an income tax return to the revenue authority, you will have an Read More

Use alternative payment options in your business

Consumers can use a variety of payment methods for purchases in small, medium and large companies in Spain and around the world. Among the options are more traditional or conventional payment methods, as well as what is known as alternative payment methods. Offering more payment methods to your customers could translate into more sales for Read More

Auto title loans online -Online title loan companies: fast approval

Online title loan companies: fast approval The car loan is probably the most common form of financing since very few people have the financial means to pay for a new car out of pocket- check my source Therefore, most buyers either choose a loan offer directly from the dealership or take an installment loan Read More